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Handcrafted Exotic Wood Soap Dish


These lovely, handcrafted exotic wood soap dishes will help keep your soaps from sitting in water, which in turn will make for a longer-lasting bar.

These are a variety of exotic woods and are not always available so grab them while you can! Truly a luxury item you want to add to your cart. They'd also be a nice gift for your loved ones.

Purchase two or more so that you can switch them out every 2-3 weeks as this will help the wood last much longer. Just like our products, these soap dishes are handcrafted in the USA.

Choose from zebra wood, purpleheart, African cherry or roasted red oak.


*NEW* Zebra wood - this rare and unique woods' grain is so beautiful and looks like the pattern on a Zebra's skin.

Purpleheart - this beautiful purple is the woods' natural color and is just stunning.

African Cherry (Makore) - this one is a natural brown color with a reddish tone.

Roasted Red Oak (Cambria) - Red oak is put into a large pressurized chamber free of oxygen, and then brought up to high temperatures without burning. The caramelization of the natural sugars in the wood turn this oak into a beautiful dark chocolate brown color. This treatment causes the wood to become highly water resistant, which makes it a great option for a soap dish.