Bath & Facial Soaps

Like all of our products, our soaps are made with high quality, organic, fair trade and sustainable ingredients. They will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean but not dry.

We use the cold process method to make our soaps. We only scent with essential oils and not synthetic fragrances, so the scent may not be as long lasting as some of the other soap bars you may have used. Any color you may see comes naturally from one of the listed ingredients.

We use only certified organic, Identify Preserved sustainable palm oil in our soaps. This oil is certified sustainable by  the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Click here to learn about the RSPO.


RSPO-IP (Identity Preserved) certification is one of four certification levels offered by the RSPO and carries the highest and strongest level of sustainable guarantee with traceability of each lot of palm oil back to the field of origin. With Identify Preserved sustainable palm oil, the entire batch of palm oil is from a single identifiable certified source and kept separate from all non-certified batches.

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