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About Us

Growing up my mom taught me that natural ingredients were always superior to anything artifical or loaded with harmful chemicals. Mother Nature provides so many unique ingredients that offer a whole host of healing and life-affirming benefits that we need not look anywhere else. We mixed butters and oils, made our own lotions, and enjoyed every step of the journey. It’s this introduction to the wonders of nature that inspired me to start something new…

Dee-Lightfully Soft exists to connect you and the ones you love with the same benefits that my mom introduced me to all those years ago. You’ll rediscover your skin's healthy glow, love the way you look and feel, and do it in a way that’s nothing but natural.

To make it possible we focus on pure raw and minimally processed ingredients every step of the way. It’s something we’re proud of because it allows us to stand apart from the crowd for all the right reasons. The result is a range of Dee-Lightfully Soft products that celebrate your skin from the very first use.

I can tell you from experience: nothing else compares…

Be Kind To Your Skin!